I had my first full session physical therapy yesterday. 

“Such a nice young man,” I thought. “A really great smile and an upbeat personality! Oh, we are going to get along just fine!”


Have any of you ever had to endure physical therapy? 

Yes, I said “endure!”

This nice young man with the winning smile and upbeat personality was really Mr. Hyde in disguise!

“Oh,” he said, smiling brightly as I showed him one of the exercises I learned in the hospital, “That is really good!”

But before I could bask long in the light of that encouraging word, Mr. Hyde cheerily barked, “Now, let’s do ten of those!”

Wait! What? 

Let’s? I don’t see no stinkin “let’s” doing anything, only me doing it “all by myself” (insert song here).

In total, 70 reps, 7 different exercises and the goal is to get up to 30 reps per exercise?


Cue Sam Cooke: “I was born by the river. . . “


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