In The Beginning

The genesis of this blog began with a visit to the surgery room of Kaiser Hospital for knee replacement surgery. I began to blog my journey to new mobility with the following post to Face book:

It’s almost 3:00 a.m., I am in a private room (I hear they all are) and I just finished a very good turkey sandwich. The service here at Kaiser has been fantastic, great care and concern. Their fail-safes are pretty good too. From double checking who I am in post-op (I think I have my name and birthday memorized ) to every caregiver explaining who they are and what they do to the doctor and crew in surgery introducing themselves (my term) and what role they will play on the surgery. I have not run into one attitude or “having a bad day” person. My first surgery has been a positive experience.

Kaiser, you Thrive!

Oh, and lest you think I gush too much, the cafeteria food is, well, usual hospital cafeteria food, but I was hungry.

Let’s see how Physical therapy works out

Subsequent posts will recount my physical therapy experiences along with anything else that might catch my fancy.



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