Would you believe it!!

Mr. Hyde showed up again today!

The nerve of him, to return to the scene of the crime without one hint of remorse for the pain and suffering, Oh, the pain and suffering. (Cue music from “Lord of the Rings” where the Fellowship of the Nine trek through the snowy mountains)

He bounded into the house, face wreathed in smiles, upbeat personality set to Stun!

“How are you today.”

Oh, I know your sly tricks, trying to mesmerize me with your cheery pleasantries.

Me (warily): I am well, thank you. How are you?

Wait! What?

That was not my planned response. Where is the derisive, cryptic response I had planned?


“Let’s take a look!”

There’s that “let’s” thing again! But it’s all good; I’ll show him how I can do good all by myself! I don’t need no stinkin “let’s.”

BAM! (Cue Song: “Put your little foot, put your little foot, put your little foot right out. . .”)

“That is just what we wanted to see, the swelling is way down!”

We? We? There is no WE in these exercises; only ME!

Oh, you are a sly one Mr. Hyde, a sly one.

“You have done well, Grasshopper, but I have something even better!”

Hey, I am on to your disarming positives! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice. . .

Me: I wrote on Facebook about you; called you Mr. Hyde!

“Oh, if your doctor were on Facebook and happened to see your post, he would say, ‘Good job; that’s just what I wanted to hear!'”


“Look, I can see your ankles!”

Who let all these butterflies in?

Darn you, Mr. Hyde, Darn you!


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