It finally happened!

It has been a long time coming!


I finally rid myself of that demon called insecurity.

I got tired of all my pitiful reasons why





I grew weary


Hiding in the shadows

Ignoring the encouragement of others

Undermining my strengths

Playing the comparison game

And always losing

Because I did not trust

My voice

My vision

My place

Yes, insecurity.

The demon that chokes the life out of God’s purpose for us.

Not because it is greater than God.

But, because we have given it total access to our soul.

Emotions gripped by the stranglehold of fear.

Minds mired in the muck of stinking thinking.

Will that succumbs to every whispered doubt.

Weapons all masterfully wielded by the demon, Insecurity


It finally happened.

I rid myself of that demon.

Suddenly realized to keep despising the God planted gifts in me

(Yep, despising)

Is to shake my fist in the face of God

As though He made some mistake

The way He wired me.

To downplay those gifts

Is to devalue His sovereignty

His schematic for my life.

When I finally rid myself of the demon named Insecurity

Was when I finally, finally heard God say


It is enough.

Until you trust My plan for you

You will never really experience My plan for you

In all it’s fullness.

That demon cannot thwart My plan for you.

It will slow down your progress.

Undermine your witness for Me.

Listen and understand.

I Am with you every step of the way.

The victory is absolutely yours in Christ Jesus.

Stand tall.

Do not cast away your confidence.

I Am with you.

Put on your armor

Let’s do this!


Forgetting those things that are behind me. . .

“Do not be afraid.”

“Do not be dismayed.”

“The Lord, thy God is with thee!”


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