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Sometimes posts of people I knew back in the day pop up on my Facebook page

Sometimes I scroll through Facebook pages of people I knew back in the day

Recognize faces in captured photographic moments

People I no longer see, have not spoken to in ages

This is not intentional

It is just the nature of the beast

Out of sight, out of mind

It occurs to me that I have become one of those people

You know

Like those former celebrities who no longer occupy the limelight

And people wonder

“Whatever happened to?”

Yeah, I have become one of the misplaced

People who I saw on a regular basis

People with whom I laughed and cried

People with whom I dined and traveled

I no longer see or talk to

It is the nature of the beast

To be forgotten as memory fades

And connections dissolve

It’s just as well

Especially since I am no longer that Donna

They probably wouldn’t recognize me anyway

Which is just as well

Because if they had really known me back then

They would not have let me get away

So easily


I’m Still Here!






I have been in the blue room the last few days

Nothing like the green room into which celebrities are ushered

Lavishly furnished room filled with expensive goodies and drink

For their pleasure and comfort

In which they relax

Before they stride into the limelight

Of some venue

My blue room is nothing like that

Sparsely lit and furnished

A table in the corner in the back in the dark

Yeah, that’s my spot

Head in hand

I sit and muse over the vicissitudes of life

The vagaries of life

Ala King Solomon

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity


Senior sighs swathed in melancholy

Time to regroup


Move out

Shake off the ennui

Think on goodness

The grace of yesterday

Forge through today

Tomorrow is always brighter


When it’s not wrapped in blue