I have decided that the Lord is teaching me how to wait. 


(You can tell because i mention flipping the phone open)
My telephone died this past Tuesday; it just up and died in the middle of the day. I was waiting for phone call from a friend and as this friend is usually good about calling me back, I was a little perturbed that I had not received a phone call. Then the thought occurred to me, “Check your phone; it might be dead.” (I hate it when I do things like that.) Sure enough, there it was, blacker than a thousand midnights down in a Cypress swamp (my apologies Mr. Johnson). I hurried to plug it into the charger. Nothing. Well, that charger has always been wonky, so I go to the Sprint store with my story of me and my dead phone. I wait forty five minutes while the tech plugs it into the charger. They give me sympathy (awww) and a new charger. I go home and charge the phone for two hours. Nothing. I return to the Sprint store that afternoon with my saga of woe, my dead phone and my new charger. They decide to charge it in the store. “Heyyy, been there, done that.” I must say that the store people were very understanding (awww), but since I had no insurance and could not qualify for an upgrade at this time (because I just upgraded to a new line and a new phone), they could do. . .Yep. . . Nothing. I go home and cal the number the store manager gave me to call and plead my case (the Retentions department as in we want to keep our customers). I call. They do. . . say it with me. . .Nothing (apparently I am the one customer they do not care about losing). I go home. I plug my phone back into the charger the store gave me that morning because the phone does work on the charger. Finally, something. There is just one teeny, little problem. I am tethered to the phone and when I am away from an electrical outlet, I have no phone because the minute I unplug it from the charger, it dies, again and again and again. Nothing, nada, zilch, naught. My budget is not inclined towards a new telephone and will not be so for a while. I resign myself to having telephone privileges only when I am in the presence of electrical outlets. Didn’t I read something about telephones exploding as individuals talked on phones while the phones were being charged? I decide to take my chances. I am tethered to the phone for two days and when I am in the car or at a place where there is no outlet, I feel like as though some vital part of me is missing but I can’t quite figure out what that something is. Then today, this morning, a.m., I glance over at the phone tethered to the charger and the light is green! What-t-t-t? I stare at it for a minute before I release it from the charger. I hold it in my hands and slowly flip it open. Oh joy and ecstasy, the screen is active. Eureka and Hallelujah, It’s alive. It’s alive. It’s alive. Oh, Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you. . . . Uh oh. Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

I have decided that the Lord is teaching me how to wait.

Don’t you just love God’s teachable moments?

2021 – Yep, I’m still learning!


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