I could not remember if I posted “H” for the A-Z Challenge.

I took a peek at my blog and sure enough, no “H” post.

But, right in front of me, on my page, the word “Home.”

Thank you, blog muse!

I love the movie “Michael.”

It’s about an angel, a fallen angel.


An angel falls from heaven down to earth (or maybe it was a vacation away from the celestial clouds).

Anyway, the angel comes to earth and is on his way to being outed by a tabloid journalist.

The search for news turns into a rescue mission for Michael, to get him to Chicago before he “dies.”

It also turns out to be a rescue mission for the journalist and others who are thrown together for the journey and have a few issues of their own.

When the reporter and others connect with Michael, they are little perplexed by this angel’s idiosyncrasies and are pulled in the consequences of his earthly shenanigans.

From my perspective, it is a funny, fun filled, compassionate cinematic treatise.

What does “Michael” have to do with my blog topic “Home?”

A song on the soundtrack is a song sung by Bonnie Raitt. Every time I hear it, I am called back to small town Texas where I spent my youth.

It’s really a lovely love song, but the chorus feels like home to me.

The song makes me want to go back home to those days of barefoot youth on a hot summer day.

Yeah, every time I hear it, it feels like home to me.





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