My granddaughter wakes me at 6 something this morning with a statement.

“Ganny, the hot water is not working. I was taking a shower and the water did not get hot.”

I go to my bathroom and turn on the hot water.

Nothing. Just gurgles.

I google hot water issues (remember when google meant something like to  ogle).

“Pipes might be frozen.”


I am pretty sure that is not my California issue.

I do not live in frozen pipe country.

As I muse over my predicament, from my upstairs bedroom I hear gurgling sounds downstairs, like water is running somewhere.


I rush down the stairs to the basement.

The sound of the gurgling increases.

I open the door.

The basement is flooded and water is flowing out of the water heater.


I cannot figure out how to turn off the water (time for a refresher course in home care).


A neighbor comes over, takes a look, then goes outside to turn the water off.

No Water. At. The. Start. Of. The. Day.

Yeah. Chew on that for a minute.

A plumber will be here between 8 and 10 a.m.


Here’s my question:

How do things always know to break down when I have “extra” cash?”

My definition of “extra:” A few dollars over making ends meet.


Murphy’s Law at work on a Wednesday morning!


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