MONDAY MUSINGS: Rainy Days and Mondays…

Yes, it is true. It is Monday, again.


I am, once again torn, between keeping my word or turning over in my bed and going back to sleep.

I am retired, mostly, but I offered to help out at a school from which I retired (one day a week, Mondays) and while I have no regrets about helping, there are some Mondays (today) I really wish I had said “As the mood strikes!”

Today it is cold and rainy, stormy, sure to be traffic stressed drivers on rain slick roads and me out in the elements, the kind of day where I just want to stay in bed and pretend I am a real lady of luxury.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who is chained to her word even when circumstances warrant a change of mind. I feel like the bad person who can’t be trusted in moments like these!

I am stuck in a quagmire of quandary!

Dang conscience!



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