I tried to ignore the thought, but it would not go away:

“If you continue to build your future on the foundation of your past, you will become stuck in your present.

What does this mean? ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Your guess is as good as mine!๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Just kidding. ๐Ÿ˜€

Some years ago, a woman, who loved me enough to tell me the truth, said to me, “Time to stop telling that story.”

She saw that I was so trapped in the loss of my past that I could not tap into the God given promise of my future.

All I had gone through kept me more focused on what I didn’t have rather than what God had for me.

I spent too much time counting my losses which in turn gave way too much power to the manipulators and instigators who, intentionally or not, reconstructed the familiar so well until eventually everything once familiar became unfamiliar to me.

When I decided to release my past to the past and move forward with a fresh view of my future, when I stopped rehearsing my misery and my story no longer claimed top billing, God began to give me a new outline for my future.

Our pasts can be impetus for change.
We can take all the debris of our past and repurpose it today to build a better tomorrow.
We can learn the God-allowed lessons to become better students of the Master.
We can clothe ourselves in the garments of praise and watch God turn our mourning into dancing!

There is construction going on two houses down from me. Every weekday morning, around 7 a.m. the cacophony of construction begins, hammers pounding, saws singing, voices calling out.

While this contractor’s wake-up call is irritating at best, it is a reminder that we, like these workers, move from from one work site to another in life. No matter what happened on the last job, the construction worker does not sit around and mope over his losses/mistakes for to do so would slow down and even hinder his progress and maturity as a builder. Focusing on what went wrong is a confidence shaker. He/she does not keep telling the story of past mistakes to others, for the more the story is told, the more confidence that worker loses. Oh, he/she may use the past as teaching points to apprentices, a story to learn from, but never one to emulate.

Learn from your past to protect your future as you grow in your purpose today.

Re-tell the story so that God gets the glory!

Build your hopes on things eternal!


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