” . . . five, six, pick up sticks”


This is Gabby, one of my two “pick-up sticks.”

A few posts back, I wrote about how one of the precautions of my hip replacement surgery was I could only bend over to a certain degree. This meant that I could not stoop or bend to pick up anything off the floor, including my unmentionables.


A friend saw the post and sent me two of my now best friends, Gabby (pictured) and Gabriele. Gabriele is made of metal, but he keeps getting bent out of sorts and I have to periodically twist him back into shape. He is no good in those “have to get it done now” moments.

Gabby is made of plastic, ostensibly the more fragile of the two, but she has remained steady and sturdy, always at the ready. She is my favorite go-to person.

By the way, the above is not intended as a metaphor for how men and women function (or is it).


Anyway, I have become very good at wielding Gabby.

I can pick up anything off the floor from the largest piece of anything to a thin dime (was there a time when dimes were fat?).

I look for things to pick up.

Should you ever visit me and fall down, watch out! Gabby and I will be there to puck you up!

Gabby has bestowed on me self-sufficiency once again and we are a force with which to be reckoned.

I may never bend again!


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