Sometimes, I go back to old posts for the reminder that God’s grace is consistent and constant:


My Explorer has been in pain for the last few months. When the symptoms first showed up, I took “her” to my mechanic who suggested a major tune-up. The figure he quoted was not in the budget, so I had to hold off, putting up with the shuddering and shaking each time I had to drive somewhere. Within a month of that diagnosis, another symptom popped up that had to be handled, budget or not, so off “she” went to the radiator shop. The work was done and the money was grudgingly handed over to the radiator man and the SUV and I shuddered on down the road. Within a month, the same symptom popped up again, but this time the radiator man said, not my area of expertise and my mechanic said, “Don’t put any more money into this vehicle; take it to the dealer.” So, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to the dealer we go this past Friday. I am holding my breath and praying for a good outcome. The final word from the dealer: “The vehicle is on its way to the graveyard!”

Now I have been telling the Lord for a few years that I need a new car, but I have never taken the step to search for one because I only work part-time and my part-time budget could not support a full time car note. But here I am on Friday, now between that proverbial rock and a hard place. I need a car and I don’t care how much my budget screams “No,” I have to have a car. My friend has a cousin who is a sales manager with a dealership whom he calls with my dilemma. When I get home later that Friday afternoon, after a short telephone conversation, I email my information to the cousin who says he will get to it “tomorrow” (Saturday). Early the next morning I receive a telephone call from a sales associate for additional information. By four o’clock that afternoon, the sales associate calls me back to say, “I have good news for you.” What is the good news? No down payment, fully financed and company certified for a pre-owned car. The car is financed by a company that has been sending me pre-approved notices for a car purchase since the beginning of the year, notices that I ignored because my budget was not in agreement.

God knows me and how I roll. Even as I trust Him for the final outcome, He also knows that He has to kick me out of my comfort zone to get me to where He wants me to be. I am not saying this is the optimum faith walk, but this is how it goes with Donna and her faith, proactive when i absolutely have to be, otherwise, I can wait.

Oh, and another thing, my recalcitrant budget can now accommodate both the car note and the insurance premium because some additional income is now in place that will cover both and it comes in before the note and premium have to be paid each month. Did I mention the new tires and the full gas tank before I rolled off the dealership lot?

God’s grace still amazes me.


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