Yep, that Is me right after my 10 minute treadmill walk.


Since ladies don’t sweat, let’s just say I worked up a good perspiration!

That’s right, that’s right, I am back in the KTC, aka Kaiser Torture Chamber.

The exercises for the hip are not as intense as the exercises for the knee, but they are necessary and I have to be consistent.

Today, I walked up and down steps the normal way, not just one leg down then the other step at a time, a practice I have long embraced to accommodate the pain in my knee and hip.

And (drumroll please) I was finally was able to get both legs up on the leg press, something I could not master in the knee classes, twenty reps with both legs, twenty reps with just the surgical leg.

Oh Happy Day!

I am learning to relinquish my Chester walk, ala “Gunsmoke,” for a normal gait.

Hey, I also managed to do full revolutions on my nemesis, that hulking behemoth, The Bike.

They were not pretty and smooth revolutions but they were 360 degree revolutions.

I am pretty proud of myself.

Yay for me!


Yep, it is my time, again, this time for the hip.

I have graduated from Clyde, my walker, to Citizen Cane, my cane.

Citizen Cane and I get along fairly well, but I have been known to walk away and leave him behind. I don’t think we will be together long.

There is just this one little thing,

Now my left hip and knee are beginning to complain.

I guess they want some attention, too!



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