Clyde and I have been together for almost four months, now
We first met not long after my knee replacement surgery
It was not love at first sight
In fact I did not want to have anything to do with Clyde
He was not my type at all
But Clyde pushed his way into my life
And I realized that he really was the one I needed
That one who would walk with me to recovery
It has not always been an easy relationship
I have not always been easy to be with
Sometimes I was not feeling Clyde at all
He was always hanging around
And that sometimes got on my nerves
Even when I knew I needed him
Always hovering around me
Waiting for my beck and call
A painful reminder of how much I needed him
When I just wanted to do my own thing
Even when I did not want to need him
In spite of my too often antipathy towards him
Clyde was unwavering in his support of me
Oh, we did split up for a couple of months
My decision
I would catch a glimpse of him from time to time
But I did not reach out to him
Did not acknowledge his presence
Until this past month
After my second surgery
When I realized again that I could not move forward without him
And Clyde once again lent his support to me
He did not balk even though I had abandoned him
His strength became my strength
Whenever I needed him, he was there for me to lean on
He stood with me as I exercised
Ever present
Available for me to reach out to him
Should I need him
There to catch me should I lose my balance
He walked with me around the house
Helped me to slowly regain my land legs
He was a constant source of hope and support
He reminds me of that Bill Withers sing, “Lean On Me”
He embodies the verse, “lean on me when you’re not strong, I’ll be your strength, I’ll help you carry on”
But as I gain my strength, again, I realize that this relationship really cannot continue as it is
Already I see less and less of him in the house
But today he and I walked around the block
We walked with no conversation
And I again realized that this relationship was nearing its end
Clyde and I will have to part ways
He has promised to support me as long as I need him
But the day will come, I know, when I will not need him at all
He will become part of a sweet fleeting memory of yesterday
A companion who was my strength in weakness
I may need you again someday
And I know you will be right there
Thank you for being my friend


Clydesdale aka Clyde


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