I had my first post-op doctor’s appointment today
Have I mentioned that my surgeon reminds me of Doogie Howser?
He looks really young
He probably is not as young as he looks
He is, after all, an orthopedic surgeon
And that requires quite a few years of education and experience
Or so I have heard
But, still, he looks really young

The morning of my surgery
My friend was sitting in pre-op with me
When my surgeon came in
My very young looking surgeon
My friend looked up
And his jaw dropped
His expression said it all
“Doogie Howser?”
Yeah my surgeon looks really young
And he is also very good looking
So he reminds me not only of Doogie Howser but a very good looking Doogie Howser
I am not so old that I do not notice

And here I am today
My first post-op doctor appointment
Hip replacement surgery
I don’t need to post a picture of where the scar is located, do I?


Yeah, there

During the course of the examination, we talk about pain and meds and precautions, etc.
All the while, I am thinking, “Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask!”

But, my very young looking, very good looking, orthopedic surgeon speaks the very words I have been dreading

“Let’s take a look at that scar”



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