Lately, I have felt the urge to purge
I just have too much stuff
Stuff that will outlast me
So I have decided to purge now
No need to leave it for someone else to throw out
Today I tackled the dresser
As I began to pull out stuff to sort, I began to pull them out, too
What are “them?”
(Yeah, it does sound like bad grammar but hold on, it will make sense)
I don’t need them anymore but there they are
Large and in multiple colors11728945_10153135970214702_6593229271343098137_o
I think there was even one of them in silver lame’

I never bought them

But, I guess because I was a pastor’s wife, members bought them for me

What are “them?”
Those ubiquitous and infamous Lap Handkerchiefs
What am I to do with them?
Work them into a quilt?
Make a patchwork skirt?
Stitch them together and make a head wrap?
My skirts were never short enough to need them
They certainly aren’t getting any shorter these days
Shoot, some of them are large enough to be a skirt
I suppose I could carry them with me for those moments when the preacher is preaching really good, ball one up and throw it at him/ her

Where do Lap Handkerchiefs go to retire?

Anyone out there with cold knees?


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