Someone thought it would be a good idea to teach seniors to twerk.
They made a video.
No, not high school seniors in high school.
Youth and lithe high school seniors.
Seniors as in old folk.
Elder and rather stiff old folk.
Women old folk, to be more specific
Quite frankly, I. don’t. think. I. could. have. taken.
My apologies to old folk everywhere who are offended with my use of the term, but welcome to my world for I too am an old folk.
And, no, my birthdate is not germaine to this post.

So there you have it.
Old women TWERKING.
Actually old women trying to learn how to twerk.
And I thought it was a good idea to watch the video.
My eyes will never be the same again.
Rear ends in various degrees of disorder.
Thighs that no longer meet and greet.
There was probably a slight smell of burnt polyester in the air.
Joints were popping and locking all over the place.
Did you know there is a twerk move called the Booty Clap?
There was no clapping that day!
(The young well endowed instructor does not count)
Who thought this was a great idea?
To watch grandma try to learn “Doggy Style?”
Honey, that dog lost its teeth and its bite years ago!
Oops, did I say that?
My bad!
Still, I commend those senior women for being good sports.
I almost said “applaud,” but, well, you know.


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