I forget how summer feels until I return to Denison.

The heat that slaps you in the face as soon as you walk out of the airport, the humidity that drags your hair back to its natural roots, the cicadas that chirp in the shade, hidden away from the rays of the sweat calling afternoon sun, the still quiet of summer evenings that speak of backyard barbecues and laughter.

11143715_10153072807849702_4882427921894839824_o 11149701_10153072719564702_513365918366665211_o 11236569_10153074688199702_3732689326371273323_o 11717523_10153072719579702_6201106969707701214_o


Yesteryear memories come flooding back each time I set foot on Denison soil, and though I no longer reside there, my heart will always think of it as home.

La Chaim!


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