I have graduated to Dr, Jekyll’s laboratory aka as the Kaiser Gym.

I am but one of many moving from one instrument of torture to another.

From all appearances, I am the youngest of the group but not the most nimble.

An 83 year old man whizzed by me on crutches.

Those seniors knew the drill and they were turning it up.

I, on the other hand, could not move the pedals at all on the recliner bike.

I could not move the pedals in full rotation on the upright bike and on the straddle a chair on wheels and pull yourself around the floor for three laps, I broke out in a full sweat.

After all that, Mr, Hyde’s cuzzin n had me lie down on a table where she then commenced to assault my knee.

I go back on Thursday.



2 thoughts on “THE NEW NORMAL

  1. Awe Donna, I hate that you have to go through this experience again. I thought you were ready to pull out them pumps! You will definitely be in my prayers. You’ll have to let me know how long you’ll be in that special bed after surgery. Will call you.


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