Mr. Hyde left today.
Yes, it is true. No more home visits. No more “Give me ten or fifteen or twenty.”
Yes, he is gone, never to return.
“Oh, you might see me around the hospital from time to time.”
(I hope I am able to run by then)
Yes, he left today.
It seems like just a year ago you walked through my front door ….
Huh? What?
Oh, my bad. It seems like just three weeks ago you walked through my front door. . .
Oh, yeah, right. It was three weeks ago.
Well, happy trails to you, until we meet again!
Umm, did he just skip out the door and down the front steps?
I am on my own now.
Well, not really on my own.
I begin out-patient physical therapy next week.
I hope I don’t get one of his Cuzzins!

I will miss you Mr. Hyde. Thank you for every knee bending, leg extending, leg lifting, heel/toe stretching, walker walking, crutch learning moment.


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