I was more than a little hesitant to show up at my school reunion leaning on a crutch.
Yes, I know.
I could not back out, call the committee chair to say I would not be there.
I was the guest speaker for the memorial.
My word was out there so I had to be there.
I expected the questions
“What’s wrong? What happened?”
“Why are you leaning to the side?”
I was ready with my answers, ready to fend off embarrassment with forthright honest answers.
Then it happened.
A coterie began to form.
The coterie of canes and walkers and crutches.
When we passed each other in the lobby we would give one another the, “I feel you” nod.”
We commiserated with one another about how we came to the land of assistive devices and we always ended with “This too will pass.”
Our canes and walkers and crutches became badges of courage and honor and longetivity.
When we walked into a room, groups of people would part like the Red Sea to make way for us
We no longer felt like three legged pariahs in the land of the two footed upright walkers.
We were grateful for every grace offering of assistance from door opening to food serving.
We welcomed the ” Can I get anything else for you” moments.
I officially dub us all, Society of The Enabled Steppers.
Next time, we will be the helpers because we have learned how to extend grace.
All because of canes and walkers and crutches, oh my!

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