Mr. Hyde came by today.

When he left, I was a hot mess.

I am graduating from walker to crutches. My knee is healing well.

There is, however, one little glitch. My knee exercises are exacerbating my hip issues, which means my overall progress is slowed down.

Some things I was anticipating have to be placed on hold.

I sent a text to a friend and then I cried.

Yes, I had a pity party, just me myself and I.

In the midst of the tears, I realized that if I am not doing anything, I feel like I have no value.

I feel like I have been kicked to the curb without a look back.

I thought I was way past that stage, but I guess I have a few more lessons to learn.

God is not through with me yet.

Thank you, Mr. Hyde, for the lesson in which you did not even know you were a part (yes, God can even use physical tor . . , ah, physical therapy).


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